Jay Cutler- Looking For The Spotlight

October 19, 2008

Jay Cutler has a good arm.  His head, unfortunately, is highly questionable. 

Apparently being known as the second best QB in the AFC West wasn’t good enough for Cutler.  No, Cutler was unhappy receiving so little press because of it.  Thank GOD that he finally chose to do something about that, while in the process proving what many fans have begun to realize.  Yes, while being only the 2nd best QB in the AFC West, he is undoubtedly the cockiest and most egotistical.

What’s more surprising is that it took this long to become nationally recognized.  I’ve read a number of sources that revealed the true nature of Cutler’s I’m-better-than-you attitude (commonly shortened to “punk”), but only now is that true nature coming to light.  Here’s some of Jay Cutler’s finest moments, in case you missed them:

  • Cutler was suspended for 1-game at Vanderbilt after being issued four citations for property damage, underage drinking, and evading arrest.
  • In a 2006 blow-out loss against the San Diego Chargers, Cutler is seen grabbing his crotch while staring down the Chargers sideline, reportedly talking smack after a failed 4th-down conversion.  Philip Rivers and Company fire back.  Cutler is then seen wandering the sideline pouting. 
  • Less than a year later, Cutler said of Rivers (on The Best Damn Sports Show), “I don’t like how he carries himself.  I don’t like some of the stuff he does on the field.”
  • In a Sporting News article last week, Cutler said of Hall of Famer John Elway, and every other QB in the NFL, “I have a stronger arm than John, hands down. I’ll bet on it against anybody’s in the league.”  Consistently overthrowing your WR’s isn’t something to be gloating about in a national publication.  Besides, everyone knows JaMarcus Russell has a stronger arm and look at where that is getting him.
  • After fumbling against the Chargers in Week 2 of this year, Cutler stated, “It just happens sometimes, happens to everybody, not my fault.”  Not your fault?  You roll out, untouched, and drop the ball, and it’s not your fault?  How immature is that?
  • In a commercial filmed in June and that premiered last month, Cutler, a diabetic, promotes McDonalds, apparently the only known vaccine for diabetes in impressionable children.
  • Cutler has already written a Hall of Fame induction speech that his mom said is much better than any QB in the Hall of Fame.  OK, I can’t prove this last one, but I wouldn’t be surprised.

I find it appalling that a a guy like Cutler, a guy without a winning record in the NFL, can talk so much crap yet Rivers, with great stats and actual playoff victories, is treated like a villain in the media because he waved bye-bye after Cutler’s punk reaction to getting detroyed on the field on Christmas eve.  Most anyone who has come in contact with Jay Cutler has learned how big of a punk he is.  In comparison to Cutler, I’ll stand by Philip River’s reputation on and off the field every time.

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  1. Wow… talk about a Homer. Are you serious? You’re depiction of “Saint” Philip couldn’t be more off. Rivers has been known as THE typical, arrogant QB over the past few years. Don’t take it from me, do some research or just listen to the announcers call the game. Rivers rides his “bolt” of arrogance when his team is winning, and cries like a little girl when they are losing. Can he throw the ball? Sure, thanks to LT and Sproles setting up the passing game. But great QBs don’t just sling the ball down the field. They set the standard for the rest of the team to follow. Rivers needs to stop jawing at the opposing team’s fans, stop crying when he gets hit a little bit, stop choking during important games, and shut up and put the team first.

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  3. being an nc state wolfpack fan, i saw rivers in college. he’s the same now in the pro’s. criticize cutler if you like, but i’d much rather simply pull for rivers to succeed. the media will cover a subject however they wish. if they like a guy, they’ll overlook certain details. if they don’t like him, simple non-stories become big deals.

    espn contributed to bob knight being fired as head coach at indiana. now? he’s covering ball games for espn all week.

    cutler is talented, so take the good with the bad. rivers–i like him better. for many reasons.

    and by the way, just for saying he has a better arm than john elway or anyone in the league today? that comment is just stupid, and should be taken lightly or disregarded completely.

  4. You have to know Rivers OFF THE FIELD and I think that’s the point here. He is a CLASS ACT with tons of maturity and has been that way since Day One in college.

    Notice, Rivers has taken it down a notch after the media went after him last year. He didn’t like all the bad pub and it embarrassed him. This year he hasn’t done anything “classless” as he’s working to let everyone know what he’s really all about.

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