LT & Me- A Football Story And So Much More

September 12, 2009

lt and meI’ll admit that I’m hardly a book critic, but I do love an entertaining story. My favorite authors range from Bill Bennet to C.S. Lewis, from Scott Adams to King David.

In the world of sports I have read some interesting books, but they typically don’t qualify as more than average at best in my opinion. So when I began reading LT & Me, a book by LaDainian Tomlinson’s mom Loreane Tomlinson, I did not have very high expectations. But I’m happy to say that this book was a great read and exceeded every expectation that I had. You might be asking yourself, “Why do I want to read a book by LT’s mom?” Honestly, I asked myself the same thing. But I gave the book a chance, and I’m very glad that I did.

After reading LT & Me, two things come to mind. First, this is a great story which focuses on the life of LT, from birth through the end of the 2007 playoffs. I truly enjoyed reading stories about LT’s upbringing, and especially his growth in football- that alone would be enough for any football fan, and most importantly any Chargers fan. It was very interesting to read about his difficulty in securing a spot as a running back, a position he seems to have been born to play. But beyond football, this book is about more than sports. It’s about a real family who had real problems and struggles and worries. This book is about the power of faith and hope, and of a mother who would not compromise her beliefs while raising her three kids. LT & Me is a book about football, and everything that is more important than football- family, faith, and convictions.

LT is the MVP on the football field, but Loreane’s life-lessons, taught through the stories of a struggling single mom, should be an inspiration to all. With strong values and a big heart (qualities that are also visible in her son), LT & Me is a story that shows you what really matters in raising a champion. This book should be passed on to any family with kids who have dreams (I think every kid out there would fit that description).

I highly recommend that you buy, check-out, or borrow LT & Me. If you have read it yourself, please take a moment to leave your comment about the book as well.

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